Norse God Loki

The Norse God Loki is considered one of the Viking gods. But he is a giant and in many ways unlike the other gods. Loki is good looking, but mischievous and devious. Often he’s referred to as the Norse god of Strife.

He has the ability to change into any shape, an ability he uses a lot. He was accepted into the ranks of the gods by becoming Odin’s blood brother. In his earlier days in Asgard he followed Odin and Haeni, sometimes also Thor.

He often got the gods into serious trouble because of his shortsightedness. However, he was remarkably successful at making things right, after the gods had threatened him.

Sometimes he was the god’s most trusted helper like when he helped Thor get his hammer back that the giants had stolen. But the gods could not count on his friendship and loyalty. In a blink of an eye he could turn his back on the gods and join the giants in some evil doing.

But in the beginning he did so not by his own will, but only after the giants had gotten control over him coerced him to do evil.

Loki’s disloyalty steadily grows until he becomes a sworn enemy of the gods. In one of the gatherings he stands up to cast disrespect on most of the gods with big insulting words and doesn’t stop until Thor raises his hammer.

Loki caused the worst blow to the gods and men when he engineered Balder’s death. After that episode the gods took Loki and tied him down where he will remain until the end of the world when he gets untied and leads the giants against the gods. He himself will fight Heimdall and they kill each other.

From the stories of Loki it is clear that he goes through two stages. The earlier stage is where Loki is not at all bad. He follows the other gods and even though he causes trouble it is unintentional and due to his shortsightedness and carelessness. In the latter stage Loki has become a true demon. Now he’s blamed for everything that goes bad.

Loki’s wife is called Sygin and is the sweetest and most loyal of all women. Their son’s are called Vali and Nari. But Loki had more offsprings.

With the horse Svadilfari (being in the shape a mare) he had Odin’s horse Sleipnir. But his most famous offsprings, which he had with a troll woman, are the wolf Fenrir, the serpent of Midgard and the goddess of death, Hel.

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