Norse God Thor

Norse God Thor

Norse God Thor

The Norse god Thor is the son of Odin and Earth. His wife is Sif. He has one daugther, Thrudur and two sons, Modi and Mangi. His domain is called Thrudvang and his hall, Bilskirnir, is a huge place with 640 rooms.

Originally Thor was the Norse god of thunder. He is the strongest of all the Norse gods. His weapon is Miolnir, a hammer that is the finest piece among gods and men. He also has a belt which, when worn increases is strength. His third important piece is a pair of iron gloves that he can’t be without when he uses his hammer. When used together the three pieces doubled Thor’s strength.

The Norse god Thor protects the land of the gods from the giants. If he wasn’t around and with his hammer, the giants would over run Asgard (the land of the gods) as well as Midgard (the land of the humans) and bring total destruction. Thor is constantly battling the giants and kills so many of them that he’s able to hold them back. It is this role that made the Vikings view Thor as the Norse god of war.


When Thor lost his hammer

Miolnir is vital to Thor’s efforts. If he didn’t have it he would not be able to fight the giants, at least not as effectively. One time the giants actually managed to steal the hammer and the gods panicked. If they wouldn’t get the hammer back the giants would soon attack and over run them.

Loki took it upon himself to help and he went to Freyia, who reluctantly lent him a precious feather goat. Loki put on the coat and flew to the land of the giants.

After flying around looking for evidence of the lost hammer he heard the giant Thrym mumble to himself that the wretched hammer was now in safe keeping and that it would be a long time until the Norse god Thor would harm them again.

Loki swept down to Thrym, took off the feather coat and asked him why he did such a stupid thing to steal the hammer. Thrym just basically laughed at him and replied that the giants desperately needed a brake from Thor’s attacks.

Loki asked if the gods could pay him to return the hammer and that they would pay a high price. Thrym, laughing again, pointed at his dogs who wore gold collars set with jewels and asked Loki if he thought he looked hard pressed for wealth. “Well, isn’t there anything in Asgard that you can accept as payment for the hammer?”, asked Loki. “I would certainly accept Freyia”, said Thrym with a big smile on his face.

Loki flew back with the news. Thor pressed the gods to accept the proposal, but Freyia was furious and refused to go. She said that the fool that couldn’t look after his weapon should marry Thrym, not she. Heimdall jumped at the idea and proposed that Thor would be sent to Thrym disguised as a bride.This was agreed upon and Loki went with Thor dressed as a maidservant.

Thor almost exposed the disguise with his manners upon arrival. He stuffed his face with the food from the festive table (one whole ox, nine salmon and a whole lot of mead!). Loki came to the rescue and explained to Thrym that Freyia had been looking so much forward to meeting him that she hadn’t eaten for days.

Thrym then wanted to kiss Freyia but got intimidated by the stinging eyes that stared back at him. Again Loki explained that as before her excitement to meet Thrym had made her unable to sleep for many nights.

Thrym didn’t want to delay things any further and ordered the hammer to be brought forth to bless their marriage. As soon as Thor was within reach of the hammer he grabbed it and promptly killed Thrym and all his household.

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