Viking Gods

In Norse mythology, the Viking gods, or Norse gods, are originally two groups of gods. One group is called Aesir and the second group is called Vanir. Vanir were considered wise and skilled in magical arts. They were usually worshiped in connection with prosperity and the harvest from the earth. In contrast Aesir were worshiped in connection with war and victory.

Viking Cross

In ancient times Vanir and Aesir waged war on each other. It is not certain what the outcome of the war. In Ynglingssaga, Snorri Sturluson claims that they decided on peace when both sides got bored with the fighting. But according to Voluspa, is seems as though the Aesir lost the war, at least their city wall is broken down and Vanir sweep across their lands.

Anyway they did make peace on the condition of prisoner exchange. Not that they exchanged prisoners that they had each captured, rather some of the Vanir were sent to the Aesir camp and vice versa. Aesir got Njord (Niord) the enriched along with his children, Freyr and Freyja (Freyia). Vanir got Haenir and with him Mimir, who was the wisest of all.

The Norse gods and goddesses

  • Odin was the highest ranking god.
  • Thor son of Odin and Iord.
  • Balder, son of Odin and Frigg.
  • Niord (Njordur, of the race of Vanir, but not Aesir)
  • Freyr, son of Njordur
  • Tyr, son of Odin
  • Heimdall, son of Odin (and nine sisters who were all his mother!)
  • Bragi, a poet
  • Forseti, son of Balder and Nanna
  • Hod, blind son of Odin
  • Vali and Vidar,
  • Frigg, Odin’s wife
  • Freyia (Freyja), wife of Od
  • Idunn, wife of Bragi
  • Loki, the sliest and darkest of all the gods and will eventually betray them and fight them in Armageddon.

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