Viking Weapons

Viking weapons were mostly of three sorts, spears, swords, axes and to some extent bows. Of these the spear seems to have been the most common of them.

Every free man was expected to own a weapon. As the spear was by far the cheapest weapon around, it was also the most common one. Axes were also popular, especially as they were also common tools on the farm.

Viking swords were popular weapons and can be found in many burial mounts. But as they were expensive to produce, the possession of a sword was quite often a status symbol. As such swords were looked upon as a priced possession and good ones were often given names.

The Vikings usually fought on foot and in a loose formation. As such the Viking armor would be rather light and designed to protect each viking warrior independently.

The Viking shields were round and would thus differ from the square Roman type, that was designed for a close formation of disciplined soldiers, the Viking shield being smaller and more flexible in single combat.

When it comes to armor, the viking armor was usually light, but at the same time strong. Plate armor was not used, instead the Vikings would wear mail armor or thick leather armor.

One of the strongest viking myths is related to the Viking helmets. Contrary to believe, the Viking helmets did not have horns or other excessive decorations. They did have some decorative carvings and facial protections.

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